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High-performance thermal analysis and calorimetry

SETARAM Instruments offers the most complete line of thermal analysis, calorimetry, and gas sorption instruments in the world.

Their line enables thermal analysis at temperatures ranging from -196°C to +2400°C, in oxidizing or reducing environments (including options for 100% hydrogen or ammonia atmospheres as well as fluorine and other oxidizing gas environments), and at pressures ranging from vacuum up to 1000bar – specializing in severe environments without sacrificing accuracy or precision.

Their top-of-the-line DSC and calorimetry equipment offer unparalleled sensitivity, capturing up to 94% of the heat flow into or out of the sample with their unique 3D sensor design. Setaram’s systems are modular, easily upgradable, and easy to couple to other instruments enabling TG-DSC/GCMS all analyzed simultaneously on the powerful CALISTO data analysis software.

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