Thermal Analysis Labs

Client Testimonials

What do our clients have to say about TAL’s customer service?

Thermal Conductivity Testing

Arya Hakimian of TAL working with the Trident Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

Shawsheen Rubber Company Inc.

I was completely satisfied with the testing experience.

Gary Litman, Vice President of Technology

NGK Metals Corporation

I was well pleased with the experience. The instructions for the sample configuration was clear. The people responded promptly to questions. The lab double checked results to address any questions. The report was clear, easily understood.

Nate Glidersleeve, Vice President of Technology

Dynatex International

I had a request for thermal conductivity information on one of my adhesives and contacted Thermal Analysis Labs. The process was very smooth – I experienced none of the issues typical of other contract labs we work with. The results were delivered on time and I have used the data in our sales literature to help my clients have success in their applications.

John Tyler, Vice President of Sales


I am very happy with the testing services I received from Thermal Analysis Labs. I’ve found them very responsive, and they were able to get us the data we needed to get quickly so that we could use it to validate our designs. I refer my other colleagues to them, and they’re my go-to group for thermal testing.

Scott Kramer, PEng., Principal R&D Engineer

Welwaze Medical

I sought thermal conductivity testing from Thermal Analysis Labs to aid in device design. My group has experienced good customer service with speedy sample processing and fast turnaround time. I would be happy to recommend this group to anyone looking for this service. 

Björn Schneider, Project & Supply Chain Manager